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  • 28th July 2016

Why I love recruiting

What is it about recruitment that has kept me coming to work every day still up for the challenge? I have to say it’s the people. Whether it’s the members...

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  • 18th July 2016

Harvesting of solar energy may continue to rise

2015 saw a rise in renewable energy consumption, particularly that from solar energy. IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency) have produced a report investigating costs of solar and wind electricity. “We...

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  • 18th July 2016

Playing to strengths during industry downturn

You, like many others, will have read the disenchanting news stories and watched as during 2015 and early 2016 the oil price took a huge fall from grace to as...

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  • 14th July 2016

Hyundai Merchant Marine signs MoU to join 2M VSA

Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) has finalised negotiations and approval procedures regarding joining the 2M Vessel Sharing Agreement (2M VSA). HMM today signed a Memorandum of Understanding, confirming that it will...

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Selecting the right recruiter

  • 24th November 2015

Selecting a Recruiter

On a regular basis I hear from various candidates that the agencies that they are being contacted by have not listened to their needs (Salary expectation, location, desired industry etc.)...

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