• 27th September 2022

Boatbuilding News: The Podcast – Episode 2 featuring Jonny Dodge!

In episode 2 of her marine-dedicated podcast, Hollie Smith, Director of Marine Engineering at Navis Consulting, interviews serial entrepreneur, superyacht enthusiast and philanthropist Jonny Dodge. Born in Dorset, Jonny grew up in a family of yacht owners and spent much of his time on and around them. His family’s company fitted out some of the most iconic superyachts of all time, including the Leander and the Prince Abdulaziz. This all fueled a life-long passion.

Worldwide luxury experiences

Jonny owns several companies that provide luxury experiences and adventures around the world, covering land, sea and air! He is the founder of My Ocean, a yacht charter, sales and management company, and CEO of GPM Experiences. His portfolio also includes Your Sky, which provides private jet charter and brokerage, and Space Experiences, as he sets his sights on space tourism. However, the superyacht market is where his heart lies.

Running through all his businesses however, he has an important thread, “My goal is to create the world’s greatest experiences, and help educate people and support them in experiencing their dreams and passions.”

Jonny Dodge – Entrepreneur, superyacht enthusiast and philanthropist

Disrupting the top-end market

With each new industry he enters, he brings fresh ideas and approaches, and has a well-deserved reputation as a ‘disrupter’, although in the marine industry he’s known as the Superyacht Influencer, an accolade he received from Forbes.

A prime example of this is that My Ocean only operates via WhatsApp (Jonny likes quick results!) and encourages the use of Crypto to pay for their services. Whilst they accept traditional methods too, Jonny believes this is the future. “The average age of the customer has dropped by 10 years in the last couple of years, because Crypto-wealth has rocketed…” His customers are much more likely to own several supercars or a yacht than a house, and often need guidance when it comes to spending their Crypto.

The future of the superyacht

This is the rise of the ‘luxury nomad’; whilst Jonny believes this phenomenon was always on the cards, the Covid years have helped bring it on. Many people proved they could work just as effectively remotely and this has given companies access to a worldwide talent pool. With the wealthy more likely to be using their superyachts as a longer-term base, to work and commute, yacht design will be – and is – changing. These yachts will need bigger offices, conference rooms and the ability to travel further, as well as (luxury) home comforts such as a cinema screen, spa and gym.

To hear Jonny’s fascinating story, click here for the full episode.

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