By working exclusively with our clients, we have the freedom to thoroughly screen all candidates first before selecting the best to submit for your vacancy.


Many of our clients choose to partner with us on a long standing exclusive basis, due to our knowledge and high success rate.

The benefits to your business of partnering with Navis Consulting exclusively are:

  • Initial requirement discussion – face to face or via teleconference we will discuss the specific requirement/s and provide constructive and honest feedback as to the service required.
  • Full commitment – a dedicated consultant who is fully briefed will focus purely on your requirement to ensure a higher success rate
  • Quality – with one consultant working on your vacancy the CVs you will receive will be well matched and fully vetted saving you time and energy analysing a large number of applications from various sources
  • Resources – thorough detailed talent search including networks, communities and social media as well as a talent pool of relevant candidates generated over many years
  • Continuity of service – an exclusive relationship will save you time by dealing with one competent recruiter
  • No duplication
  • Confidentiality – your exclusive recruiter can contact the market on your behalf without mentioning your specific business until qualified and commited candidates have been identified. The more agencies you use the higher the risk of your business being in the public domain.
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All aboard!

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