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Tonnage Tax Container Ship

  • 6th December 2017

UK economy and shipping industry benefit from Tonnage Tax

The Tonnage Tax (TT) regime was introduced to the UK in 2000 and has helped to increase the number of shipping companies based in the UK and has led to...

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Queen Elizabeth 2 Cruise Liner Ship 50th Anniversary

  • 7th November 2017

The Queen Elizabeth 2 celebrates its 50th anniversary this year

The Cunard liner was launched on the 20th September 1967 at Clydebank, Scotland by Queen Elizabeth II. The retired ocean liner is 963ft long, with an original gross tonnage of...

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  • 27th September 2017

How to prepare for an interview for a position in the Maritime industry

Once you have been selected for an interview, you will need to conduct research to ensure you are fully prepared. Preparing for an interview can help you feel more focused...

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Global Sulphur Cap Environmental Shipping Regulations

  • 21st September 2017

New technology needed for changing environmental regulations in the shipping industry

Environmental and shipping regulations are constantly changing, leaving ship owners and operators in a constant battle to keep up with new environmental regulations. Since the International Maritime Organisation announced a...

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CV advice maritime jobs

  • 13th September 2017

CV advice for Maritime job vacancies

The purpose of your CV is to summarise your professional experience and qualifications as well as impress your potential employer. This CV advice is to help all applicants looking for...

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Are You Over Qualified For A Career In The Maritime Industry

  • 7th August 2017

Why do people get turned down for jobs they are over qualified for?

As we start to exit the current Oil and Gas recession and jobs start becoming available, I am seeing more and more people applying for jobs that are much lower...

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London Marathon Seafarers UK

  • 7th June 2017

Running the London Marathon for Seafarers UK.

This post was written by Darius Tadjrishi, our Head of Seagoing & Offshore, about his experience of running the London Marathon for Seafarers UK. “For those that have been following...

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Seafarers Awareness Week

  • 2nd May 2017

Seafarers Awareness Week returns

Next month (June 24-30) sees the return of Seafarers Awareness Week, now in its 7th year. The campaign, led by Seafarers UK, focuses on promoting maritime career opportunities at sea and ashore....

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  • 15th March 2017

Wärtsilä SmartPredict improves manoeuvring safety and automation

Wärtsilä has launched a new technology, SmartPredict, that shows a vessel’s predicted future position and heading, thus reducing the risks associated with manoeuvring. The system uses dynamic positioning (DP) analysis...

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Oil prices on the rise

  • 2nd December 2016

Oil prices rise and oil-producing nations agree to reduce output

Oil prices rose over 10% on Wednesday to over $50/barrel, with crude prices rising nearly 5%. The Organisation of the Petroleum-Exporting Countries has agreed to cut production by 3%, in...

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IEA report shows decline in new oil wells

  • 14th September 2016

IEA report shows decline in new oil wells

The International Energy Agency’s September report has highlighted the low level of oil discoveries, their lowest since 1952. Wells are depleting at an average rate of 9% per year, and...

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New Potential Oil Supplies under Barents Sea

  • 6th September 2016

New Potential Oil Supplies under Barents Sea

A treaty between Russia and Norway, signed in 2010, has led to offshore oil companies paying close attention to the waters off northern Scandinavia. Supplies of oil and gas have...

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