• 9th September 2022

New launch – Boatbuilding News: The Podcast comes to Navis!

Hollie Smith, Director of Marine Engineering at Navis Consulting, has launched a new marine industry podcast – Boatbuilding News: The Podcast. It aims to provide key insights and stories from business leaders across the marine industry to help keep our clients and candidates informed and up-to-date on the latest exciting events and trends.

Lockdown inspiration

Boatbuilding News was Hollie’s idea, originally conceived during the first months of the pandemic, when the industry all but ground to a halt, especially in terms of recruitment. The traditional sales methods were yielding zero return, and Hollie realised she needed to shift her focus to adding real value, positioning and pitching herself as an industry expert instead.

Personal brands are such a crucial selling tool now as people’s buying behaviours have changed; they want to know who they are buying from and doing business with, so it become an effective way of getting to know my network and resulted in developing business and generating revenue during a tough year for recruitment.

Sharing industry knowledge – and enthusiasm!

Her focus for Boatbuilding News was on chronicling the activities of her clients’ and contacts’ businesses. However, she was inspired to create a podcast by the exciting conversations she has with people in the industry every day. She wanted to share their (and her!) enthusiasm for all things marine.

From company growth plans, new products and new yacht launches, to advances in technology, it’s such a fast-moving industry! I find it fascinating and exciting, and I know people listening to these conversations will do too.

For Hollie and Navis, the personal approach is how they’ve always operated, whether providing recruitment services or sharing industry knowledge. Hollie is looking forward to some deep-dive interviews with her guests and really getting beneath the surface.

In her first episode, Hollie welcomes Jake Cronk, Managing Director of Twisted Marine. He shares his journey from Twisted Automotive to Twisted Marine, providing some amazing insights into the work that goes into every Twisted boat.

Listen Live

Listen out for Hollie between 16th – 25th September, when she’ll be broadcasting live from the UK’s premier marine event – The Southampton International Boat Show!

Get in touch today

Would you like to feature in Boatbuilding News: The Podcast? For a chat with Hollie or to arrange a meet-up at the Boat Show, please email hsmith@navis-consulting.com or call her on 02393 878262.

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All aboard!

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