• 18th July 2016

Playing to strengths during industry downturn

You, like many others, will have read the disenchanting news stories and watched as during 2015 and early 2016 the oil price took a huge fall from grace to as low as $27 a barrel.

It is easy to get caught up in the many questions that arise from a situation such as this. ‘Will the North Sea Offshore industry bounce back?’, ‘Should I look for a job outside of the Maritime and Energy field?’, ‘Can specialist Oil and Gas recruitment firms get through this industry downturn’?

As part of the STR Group, Navis Consulting has, since its inception, experienced year on year growth and with every year that has passed, Navis have entered new and different markets allowing us to boast that we are truly specialist within the market. Naturally, the oil price, coupled with all-time low Container freight rates, has made business harder and our international clients more tentative (lets save Brexit for another time).

During a downturn, some businesses will fold. Some businesses will halt investment and lean out their operations. Some businesses will continue to operate as normal with varying levels of success and some businesses will use industry down periods as a time to improve and invest in time for natural industry bounce back.

To survive, a business has to play to its strengths and take a good, long look at itself to improve its weaknesses.

Our clients and candidates fundamentally appreciate the following, which I would describe as our strengths.

Industry Knowledge
Navis’ consultants understand the markets in which they work. Many of them have worked in house for Maritime companies or worked at sea. Due to the nature of our business, we are often the first to hear of industry moves, takeovers, office relocations and new areas of business giving us real-time insight and knowledge. Members of the Navis Consulting team are members of the Southampton Master Mariners Club and the Merchant Navy Welfare Committee.

Customer Service
Navis pride themselves on delivering longstanding personnel solutions. Many of our clients are repeat customers who value our process when expanding their own teams.

Honesty and Integrity
If you’re a candidate struggling to find a new position, we will explain our thoughts on why this is and subsequently do our very best to give you some advice on changing your situation. We provide timely feedback and constructive criticism, even if it is hard to hear. We are honest with our many clients, providing salary surveys and benchmarking services. If we do not have the capacity to work on a position, we inform our client as such.

We give back
Anyone that has met me will know how passionate I am about the industry in which we work. I have raised thousands of pounds in the last year for various maritime charities. This passion and commitment to giving back is prominent throughout the Navis Consulting team and there are already various adventures set up for 2017. We are proud supporters of The Sailors Society and Seafarers UK and actively promote Day of the Seafarer.

We, at Navis Consulting, will continue to play to our strengths and continue to look hard at our processes and procedures, have foresight and make improvements where necessary.

My Managing Director once told me to ‘hold my nerve’ and I have the same advice for clients and candidates calling me for my opinion or a timeframe. This current downturn is part of a cycle, the industry will see a return to widespread profitability but it is important to understand that there will be a next time. Use this time wisely to focus, make improvements and play to your strengths.

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All aboard!

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