• 2nd September 2019

The Cruise Ship industry is currently booming, with 2020 looking even better!

The Cruise Ship industry is currently booming, with 2020 looking even better!

For the Cruise Ship industry, 2019 has been the busiest year yet, and growth is set to continue over the next 5 years. The Cruise Ship Industry News’ Cruise Ship Orderbook confirms 24 orders for this year alone with a mixture of large and small Cruise Ships set to be released over the next six months.

This year offers a variety of ships, ranging from all different sizes. The largest one catering to over 5,200 passengers and weighing over 183,900 tonnes and is costing over $950 million to build. The smallest ship, due to release this month, is costing $50 million with a capacity of 100 and is one of the few cruise ships that can tour Antarctica.

We’re expecting more releases in 2020, which means that this growth is not about to slow down. Next year already has 25 new ships confirmed, including Ritz and Carlton’s first Super Yacht. This luxury vessel, which is costing $225 million to build, will have a capacity of 298 guests and weigh 25,000 tonnes.

The increase in ship orders doesn’t appear to be slowing down with demand rising year on year. According to Forbes Magazine, 2017 saw 26.7 million cruise passengers, there were 28.5 million passengers in 2018 and this year the figure is expected to increase to 30 million passengers. The rise in popularity has meant that more ships and berths have been ordered to help manage the demand.

Diverging industry trends are further factors affecting ship orders. Companies are having to offer new experiences, keep up with advancing technologies and manage changing demographics. Ships are evolving to keep up and offer passengers the chance to travel to places that they cannot do on any other form of transport, such as the Galápagos Islands, Alaska and Antarctica.

There are big plans ahead for the Cruise Ship industry. $65 billion worth of ships are on order over the next 10 years, with over 50 ships contracted and scheduled for completion by 2024.

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